Like all consumer & market insights firms, we naturally cover all of the market research fundamentals.

The difference is in how we approach these basics, our projects and the relationships we build with our clients. Need to know the current attitude and usage regarding your brand or considering a new product line? Whether a quantitative, qualitative or mixed method is what you need, we’re certain to devise the appropriate strategy for your project.

Market Understanding

  • Consumer Profile
  • State of the Marketplace
  • Competitive or Category Exploration/Appraisal
    • Your product/brand
    • Competitive Set
    • Untapped Opportunities
  • The World of Your Consumer
  • Category Understanding


  • Brand Check-up
  • Brand/Product Maintenance
    • Brand Identity & Equity
    • Brand Tracking
    • Brand Performance
    • A&Us
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Needs Assessments
  • Re-staging Investigation
  • Category Re-appraisal
  • Market Segmentation

New Product Introduction

  • Concept Testing
    • Concept Tune-up
    • Concept Optimization
    • Concept Screens & Sorts
  • Positioning Testing
  • Product Testing
    • Product Reviews
    • In-depth Diagnostic Assessment
    • Usability
    • Real-world Assessment (In-home)
  • Pricing, Naming, Packaging, Labeling, Assessment & Testing

Advertising, Marketing & Communications Success

  • Positioning/Message Exploration, Testing, Effectiveness
  • Communication Checks
  • Communications Testing/Evaluation/ Effectiveness (ads, taglines, logos, website)
  • Advertising Tracking